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LANXESS in Merlo

The Site
In 1987, Merlo site started its activities. In this production facility, Rhein Chemie Argentina processes its own mica. The site is located in the Carlos Gardel S / N, Parque Industrial Elisha Mercau in the city of Merlo, located in the northeast of Argentina's province of San Luis. The size of the place is of 23,068 m²

Rhein Chemie Argentina processes its own mica at its Merlo site. The mica is one of the main inputs used in the production of release agents. In addition, release agents are used to prevent tires from sticking to bladders and the mold where they are produced.

Mica is among the most abundant minerals in nature. Its particular characteristics of elasticity, flexibility and heat resistance to water, make it a perfect material for industrial use due to its properties as electrical and thermal insulation.

Rhein Chemie Argentina core business are tire industry companies, to whom it sells bladders and chemicals. Rhein Chemie Argentina has an active portfolio of approximately 200 customers worldwide. Large multinational corporations such as Goodyear, Bridgestone and Pirelli are the most important clients.

Production volume
Installed Production Capacity:
Around 750 tons of wet ground mica is currently process each month at Rhein Chemie Argentina in Merlo.

Rhein Chemie Argentina currently employs around 18 staff in Merlo site.

Rhein Chemie Argentina S.A. at the Merlo site is a wholly owned subsidiary of LANXESS AG and is part of the Rhein Chemie business unit. With this acquisition by the LANXESS Group, Rhein Chemie has become the only producer in the world capable of providing both bladders and release agents, providing a complete solution for the tire manufacturer’s vulcanization process.
Worldwide, Rhein Chemie’s approximately 800-strong workforce produces and sells products for various sectors of the rubber, lubricant and plastics industries. The company’s headquarters is located in Mannheim-Rheinau, Germany and it has production facilities in Germany, Belgium, USA, Brazil, China, Japan and India.

In the Merlo site, production method was modified to incorporate a new technology that avoids unnecessary wastage of water. Thus, water used during the production process is then cleaned through a filtering system to be later reused for irrigation of the park. In addition, a forestation throughout the plant perimeter was conducted to acts as a natural barrier to separate the tourist area from the presence of an industrial plant that operates for most of the year.

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