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LANXESS in Burzaco

The Site
In 1971, Rhein Chemie Argentina headquarters was established in the site of Burzaco. Besides the production facilities, business and administrative offices are located in Burzaco. This site is in the ‘Sector Industrial Planificado de Almirante Brown’ city of Burzaco, in the south of Gran Buenos Aires (Argentina). The size of the place is of 70,000 m²

Rhein Chemie Argentina produces bladders and release agents at its Burzaco site. Bladders, whose main raw material is butyl rubber, are used in tire manufacturing process helping these to get their final shape. In addition, release agents are used to prevent tires from sticking to bladders and the mold where they are produced.

Rhein Chemie Argentina core business are tire industry companies, to whom it sells bladders and chemicals. Rhein Chemie Argentina has an active portfolio of approximately 200 customers worldwide. Large multinational corporations such as Goodyear, Bridgestone and Pirelli are the most important clients.

Rhein Chemie bladders, marketed under Rhenoshape® brand, have a longer life because, among other characteristics, they are made of high-performance rubber under strict process controls.

Rhein Chemie Argentina currently employs around 153 staff in Burzaco site.

Rhein Chemie Argentina S.A. at the Burzaco site is a wholly owned subsidiary of LANXESS AG and is part of the Rhein Chemie business unit. With this acquisition by the LANXESS Group, Rhein Chemie has become the only producer in the world capable of providing both bladders and release agents, providing a complete solution for the tire manufacturer’s vulcanization process.

Worldwide, Rhein Chemie’s approximately 800-strong workforce produces and sells products for various sectors of the rubber, lubricant and plastics industries. The company’s headquarters is located in Mannheim-Rheinau, Germany and it has production facilities in Germany, Belgium, USA, Brazil, China, Japan and India.

Rhein Chemie Argentina is currently working on the installation of 5 new presses that will increase by 40% the final production capacity of the Burzaco site for the last quarter of 2011.

It is expected an increment on the demand of bladders and release agents (parallel to the global increment of tire production). Environmental importance of the production of bladders and chemicals for the tire industry is particularly related to the ‘movility megatrend’: if the automobile production grows, bladders and chemicals demand will grow as well.

Since 1992, Burzaco site sticks to the Environment Responsible Care Programme (Responsabile Care®). Since 1998, they have certified an Environmental Management System.

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